Security Guard8Tony Zarindast[904] WEREWOLF (1996)
Guard at Lab9Don C. Harvey[517] THE BEGINNING OF THE END (1957)
Security Guard9Norman Smith[623] THE AMAZING TRANSPARENT MAN (1960)
Guard / 2nd Policeman / 2nd Warden (Post...10Martin King[K02] REVENGE OF THE MYSTERONS (1967)
Security Guard10Patrick Cranshaw[623] THE AMAZING TRANSPARENT MAN (1960)
Guard (uncredited)10George Alexander[805] THE THING THAT COULDN'T DIE (1958)
1st Security Guard11Tony Osoba[K10] COSMIC PRINCESS (1976)
2nd Security Guard12John Judd[K10] COSMIC PRINCESS (1976)
Sumuru Guard14Denise Davreux[K18] THE MILLION EYES OF SU-MURU (1967)
Guard14Steven Marlo[305] STRANDED IN SPACE (1973)
Police Guard (uncredited)14John Gallaudet[702] THE BRUTE MAN (1946)
Sumuru Guard15Mary Cheng[K18] THE MILLION EYES OF SU-MURU (1967)
Second Security Guard15Westbrook Claridge[704] THE INCREDIBLE MELTING MAN (1977)
Sumuru Guard16Jill Hamilton[K18] THE MILLION EYES OF SU-MURU (1967)
Rubio - imperial guard officer...16Antonio Corevi[410] HERCULES AGAINST THE MOON MEN (1964)
Juan Cruz/Cuban Guard Griffin Kills16John Cruz[619] RED ZONE CUBA (1966)
Sumuru Guard17Lisa Gray[K18] THE MILLION EYES OF SU-MURU (1967)
Sumuru Guard (as Christine Lok)18Christine Luk[K18] THE MILLION EYES OF SU-MURU (1967)
Sumuru Guard19Margaret Cheung[K18] THE MILLION EYES OF SU-MURU (1967)
First Security Guard19Mickey Lolich[704] THE INCREDIBLE MELTING MAN (1977)
Hangar Guard19Terry Travers[821] TIME CHASERS (1994)
Sumuru Guard20Louise Lee[K18] THE MILLION EYES OF SU-MURU (1967)
Sergeant on Guard20Bill Thurman[418] ATTACK OF THE THE EYE CREATURES (1965)
Gate Guard20Shawn O'Neil[821] TIME CHASERS (1994)
Chuck - National Guard Corporal21Rayford Barnes[517] THE BEGINNING OF THE END (1957)
American Rights Guard21Bert Davis[622] ANGELS' REVENGE (1979)
Security Guard at Groundbreaking...21Ottaviano Dell'Acqua[705] ESCAPE 2000 (1984)
Bank guard22Cosmo Lloyd[207] WILD REBELS (1967)
American Rights Guard22Al Gomez[622] ANGELS' REVENGE (1979)
Guard (uncredited)22Patrick Whyte[803] THE MOLE PEOPLE (1956)
5th Security Guard (uncredited)23Nick Hobbs[K10] COSMIC PRINCESS (1976)
Omega Guard23Samuele Goldzader[501] WARRIOR OF THE LOST WORLD (1983)
American Rights Guard23Mickey Epps[622] ANGELS' REVENGE (1979)
Omega Guard24Massimo Liti[501] WARRIOR OF THE LOST WORLD (1983)
4th Security Guard25Jack Klaff[K10] COSMIC PRINCESS (1976)
Sandone, Capt. of the Lidian Guard25Gianni Loti[408] HERCULES UNCHAINED (1959)
Guard (uncredited)26Burt Metcalfe[906] THE SPACE CHILDREN (1958)
Security Guard (uncredited)27Robert S. Fiveson[811] PARTS: THE CLONUS HORROR (1978)
Police Entrance Guard28Mark Haber[1008] FINAL JUSTICE (1984)
Guard (uncredited)29Arvid Nelson[906] THE SPACE CHILDREN (1958)
Roman Soldier/Guard (uncredited)29Michael Cramer[913] QUEST OF THE DELTA KNIGHTS (1993)
3rd Security Guard (uncredited)30Quentin Pierre[K10] COSMIC PRINCESS (1976)
National Guard Sergeant (uncredited)30Zon Murray[517] THE BEGINNING OF THE END (1957)
Border Guard (uncredited)31Gene LeBell[403] CITY LIMITS (1985)
Air Force Guard32Ocie Robinson[K19] HANGAR 18 (1980)
Crash Site Firefighter/Gen Corp. Guard37Ralph Minard[821] TIME CHASERS (1994)
Gen Corp. Guard91Roger Hamel[821] TIME CHASERS (1994)
Gen Corp. Guard92Nick Spano[821] TIME CHASERS (1994)
Gen Corp. Guard93Chris Mayka[821] TIME CHASERS (1994)
Gen Corp. Guard94Robert Reiber[821] TIME CHASERS (1994)
Gen Corp. Guard95Teague Hunziker[821] TIME CHASERS (1994)
Gen Corp. Guard96Greg Tulonen[821] TIME CHASERS (1994)
Gen Corp. Guard97Tor Loney[821] TIME CHASERS (1994)
Gen Corp. Guard98Morgan McGee[821] TIME CHASERS (1994)
Gen Corp. Guard99Jeff Quesnel[821] TIME CHASERS (1994)
Gen Corp. Guard100Dennis Smith[821] TIME CHASERS (1994)
Gen Corp. Guard101Bob Welch[821] TIME CHASERS (1994)
Gen Corp. Guard102Robert Barrett[821] TIME CHASERS (1994)
Guard (uncredited)Robert G. Anderson[906] THE SPACE CHILDREN (1958)

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