Colonel Briteis1Donna Martell[109] PROJECT MOONBASE (1953)
Col. Floyd Graham1Lloyd Bridges[201] ROCKETSHIP X-M (1950)
Lt. Col. Glenn Manning (as Glen Langan)1Glenn Langan[309] THE AMAZING COLOSSAL MAN (1957)
Col. Steve Connors1Phil Morton[421] MONSTER A-GO-GO (1965)
Col. Joe Parkman1Craig Stevens[804] THE DEADLY MANTIS (1957)
The Mysterons / Colonel White / Captain...3Donald Gray[K02] REVENGE OF THE MYSTERONS (1967)
Col. Glenn Manning (as Dean Parkin)3Duncan 'Dean' Parkin[319] WAR OF THE COLOSSAL BEAST (1958)
Colonel Sir Anthony Baisbrook4Wilfrid Hyde-White[K18] THE MILLION EYES OF SU-MURU (1967)
Col. James Caldwell4John Caresio[606] THE CREEPING TERROR (1964)
Col. Hunt4Richard Masters[612] THE STARFIGHTERS (1963)
Col. Tom Sturgeon (as Thomas B. Henry)5Thomas Browne Henry[517] THE BEGINNING OF THE END (1957)
Sean Donovan/Father Horton/Colonel Millard...6Ian McShane[608] CODE NAME: DIAMOND HEAD (1977)
Lieutenant Colonel Alan Manley6Richard Shannon[906] THE SPACE CHILDREN (1958)
Col. Lansfield7Dick Haynes[902] PHANTOM PLANET (1961)
Col. Harrison8Nathan Wyle[418] ATTACK OF THE THE EYE CREATURES (1965)
Colonel Farley9Keenan Wynn[706] LASERBLAST (1978)
First Colonel12Howard Lang[909] GORGO (1961)
Colonel Medika13Jon Fong[K18] THE MILLION EYES OF SU-MURU (1967)
Colonel Judd Gates20J.R. Clark[K19] HANGAR 18 (1980)
Col. Harvey (uncredited)26James Lanphier[804] THE DEADLY MANTIS (1957)
Col. Hill (uncredited)33Bert Stevens[517] THE BEGINNING OF THE END (1957)
Col. HallockJames Seay[309] THE AMAZING COLOSSAL MAN (1957)

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